Pilot Info

The information below is for reference only and is subject to change. Consult the Canada Flight Supplement for current data.

The Brockville - 1000 Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport

GPS or Loran C
  • N 44o 38' 20" latitude
  • W 75o 45' 02" longitude 
GPS Instrument Aproach
Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
  • Morse identifier: 3B. This low power, instrument approach aid transmits on 391 KHz and is located 4 miles (6.44 km) Northeast of the Airport
  • See maps
Info Provided
  • Airport staff is permitted to transmit: wind direction and speed, altimeter setting, aerodrome traffic and aerodrome information. 
Rwy Data
  • Rwy 22/04: asphalt, 4,500 ft x 90 ft, capable of handling corporate jets
  • Rwy 16/34: grass, 2,010 ft x 70 ft. Summer only.
  • See maps
  • Caution: There may be wildlife on the runway at any time
  • Unicom operates on 123.0 MHz. If Unicom is not in operation, pilots should broadcast intensions to “Brockville Traffic”
  • Rwy 22/04 key up – Type K - pilot activated:
    • Pilots may key up the runway edge lights, runway identification lights (i.e., strobes) and Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) on 123.3 MHz. These lights will turn off after 15 minutes. Type K key up:
      • 3 keys of the mike will turn up the edge lights to "Low",
      • 5 keys to "Medium;” and
      • 7 keys to a "High" intensity setting.
    • Pilots may key up the Medium Intensity Approach Lights Sequenced Flashing (MALSF) on 123.5 MHz. The MALSF lights will be on for 15 minutes unless reselected.
    • The rotating beacon is on from dusk to dawn.
  • 100 LowLead (LL)
  • Jet-A-1
  • Keytrol Fuel System available
Parking Tie-downs & Hangar Storage
  • Overnight parking on a paved apron and tie down space is normally available. Check with the Airport Manager for current rates.
  • Hangar space is very limited. Please advise of your requirement in advance.
Contacting Cdn Flight Services
  • Weather briefings, NOTAMS and Flight Planning are available, free of charge, through any Canadian Flight Service Station:
    • Tel.: 1-866-WXBRIEF (992-7433).
    • Radio: transmit on 126.7 MHz. London radio (FISE) can usually be reached over Brockville at an altitude of 2,500 ft.
    • For a hard copy of weather and NOTAMs, ask Flight Service to fax you at the Brock Air, Brockville office 1-613-342-4588.
    • A public telephone in the terminal entry is available from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. To open or close a flight plan on this telephone, dial 0 and tell the operator that you would like the following number: 1-866-WXBRIEF (992-1433).
Winter Maintenance

Every effort is made to have snow plowing completed by 8 AM. Check with your local Flight Service Station regarding runway surface condition reports or telephone the Airport Manager directly. A snowplow and snow blower are used to maintain the airport runway during the winter months. The grass runway, 16/34 is for summer use only.